During the current school year, about how often have you done the following?
Asked questions or contributed to course discussions in other ways
Asked another student to help you understand course material
Explained course material to one or more students
Prepared for exams by discussing or working through course material with other students
Worked with other students on course projects or assignments
Given a course presentation
Combined ideas from different courses when completing assignments
Connected your learning to societal problems or issues
Included diverse perspectives (political, religious, racial/ethnic, gender, etc.) in course discussions or assignments
Examined the strengths and weaknesses of your own views on a topic or issue
Tried to better understand someone else's views by imagining how an issue looks from their perspective
Learned something that changed the way you understand an issue or concept
Connected ideas from your courses to your prior experiences and knowledge
Talked about career plans with a faculty member
Worked with a faculty member on activities other than coursework (committees, student groups, etc.)
Discussed course topics, ideas, or concepts with a faculty member outside of class
Discussed your academic performance with a faculty member
During the current school year, how much has your coursework emphasized the following?
a bit
Memorizing course material
Applying facts, theories, or methods to practical problems or new situations
Analyzing an idea, experience, or line of reasoning in depth by examining its parts
Evaluating a point of view, decision, or information source
Forming a new idea or understanding from various pieces of information
During the current school year, to what extent have your instructors done the following?
a bit
Clearly explained course goals and requirements
Taught course sessions in an organized way
Used examples or illustrations to explain difficult points
Provided feedback on a draft or work in progress
Provided prompt and detailed feedback on tests or completed assignments
Explained in advance the criteria for successfully completing your assignments
Reviewed and summarized key ideas or concepts
Taught in a way that aligns with how you prefer to learn
Enabled you to demonstrate your learning through quizzes, assignments, and other activities
During the current school year, about how often have you done the following?
Reached conclusions based on your own analysis of numerical information (numbers, graphs, statistics, etc.)
Used numerical information to examine a real-world problem or issue (unemployment, climate change, public health, etc.)
Evaluated what others have concluded from numerical information
During the current school year, about how many papers, reports, or other writing tasks of the following lengths have you been assigned? (Include those not yet completed.)
 None1-23-56-1011-1516-20More than 20 papers
Up to 5 pages
Between 6 and 10 pages
11 pages or more
During the current school year, about how often have you had discussions with people from the following groups?
People of races or ethnicities other than your own
People from economic backgrounds other than your own
People with religious beliefs other than your own
People with political views other than your own
People with sexual orientations other than your own
People from countries other than your own
During the current school year, about how often have you done the following?
Identified key information from reading assignments
Reviewed your notes after class
Summarized what you learned in class or from course materials

During the current school year, to what extent have your courses challenged you to do your best work?

  • Not at all
            Very much
Which of the following have you done while in [A default value for fill item (college) has not been added to web2.dbo.sample_fill] or do you plan to do before you graduate?
 Done or in progressPlan to doDo not
plan to do
Have not
Participate in an internship, co-op, field experience, student teaching, or clinical placement
Hold a formal leadership role in a student organization or group
Participate in a learning community or some other formal program where groups of students take two or more classes together
Participate in a study abroad program
Work with a faculty member on a research project
Complete a culminating senior experience (capstone course, senior project or thesis, portfolio, recital, comprehensive exam, etc.)
About how many of your courses at this institution have included a community-based project (service-learning)?
Indicate the quality of your interactions with the following people at your institution.
Academic advisors
Student services staff (career services, student activities, housing, etc.)
Other administrative staff and offices (registrar, financial aid, etc.)
How much does your institution emphasize the following?
a bit
Spending significant amounts of time studying and on academic work
Providing support to help students succeed academically
Using learning support services (tutoring services, writing center, etc.)
Encouraging contact among students from different backgrounds (social, racial/ethnic, religious, etc.)
Providing opportunities to be involved socially
Providing support for your overall well-being (recreation, health care, counseling, etc.)
Helping you manage your non-academic responsibilities (work, family, etc.)
Attending campus activities and events (performing arts, athletic events, etc.)
Attending events that address important social, economic, or political issues
To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
 Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagree
I feel comfortable being myself at this institution.
I feel valued by this institution.
I feel like part of the community at this institution.
About how many hours do you spend in a typical 7-day week doing the following?
 01-56-1011-1516-2021-2526-30More than 30 (hours per week)
Preparing for class (studying, reading, writing, doing homework or lab work, analyzing data, rehearsing, and other academic activities)
Participating in co-curricular activities (organizations, campus publications, student government, fraternity or sorority, intercollegiate or intramural sports, etc.)
Working for pay on campus
Working for pay off campus
Doing community service or volunteer work
Relaxing and socializing (time with friends, video games, TV or videos, keeping up with friends online, etc.)
Providing care for dependents (children, parents, etc.)
Commuting to campus (driving, walking, etc.)
Of the time you spend preparing for class in a typical 7-day week, about how much is on assigned reading?
How much has your experience at this institution contributed to your knowledge, skills, and personal development in the following areas?
a bit
Writing clearly and effectively
Speaking clearly and effectively
Thinking critically and analytically
Analyzing numerical and statistical information
Acquiring job- or work-related knowledge and skills
Working effectively with others
Developing or clarifying a personal code of values and ethics
Understanding people of other backgrounds (economic, racial/ethnic, political, religious, nationality, etc.)
Solving complex real-world problems
Being an informed and active citizen
How would you evaluate your entire educational experience at this institution?
If you could start over again, would you go to the same institution you are now attending?
Do you intend to return to this institution next year?
How many majors do you plan to complete? (Do not count minors.)
Please enter your major or expected major:
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