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Please first select a general topic/question below. You can also view our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to common questions. Note that school-specific feedback should be directed to the campus contact listed in the survey invitation email you received.


Here are the most common technical issues that NSSE respondents experience:

  • I have started the survey, but after the second page it keeps logging me out.
  • It will not let me finish completing the survey.
  • I can’t log in.

Many problems can be avoided by doing one or more of the following:

  • Please make sure that your browser is set up to allow cookies
  • Make sure that you are not browsing in privacy/incognito mode
  • Clear you browser’s cache
  • Make sure that you maintain a stable internet connection (if using a mobile device) while taking the survey

Any of these factors can prevent the survey from advancing to the next page. If none of these steps work, wait about an hour and try again, because it’s possible that servers may be running slower due to a high number of people taking the survey.

Thanks for contacting us! Before we remove you from our email list, you should know that NSSE surveys all first-year and senior students seeking a bachelor’s degree, even if they take classes online or are studying abroad. Sophomores and juniors are sometimes contacted as well. If you are truly no longer taking classes, answer "Yes" and hit submit and we’ll remove you from any remaining reminder notices. Otherwise, please feel free to complete the survey!

In general, all first-year and senior students seeking a bachelor’s degree are eligible to participate in NSSE (including part-time students, students continuing their education later in life, students enrolled in online-only classes, and students studying abroad during the current term).

To provide feedback about your school, or to ask questions about an offered incentive, please contact the campus contact listed in the email you received.

To submit other types of feedback or questions, please use the box below and then click submit:


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